Symptoms like abdominal bloating and difficulty losing weight, accompanied by fatigue and nervousness, aren’t always related to food intolerance or other disorders, though they may be related to the intoxicated liver.


How to keep the liver healthy

Detoxing the liver is essential to keep our organism in good health and prevent other disorders. Actually, we are talking about the most valuable organ to filter waste and toxins from the organism, but there’s more to that!!!

A few psychological states like depression, chronic fatigue, bad mood and anger are often related to an unhealthy liver. That’s the reason why detoxing the liver means being in good physical, psychological and emotional health. The liver is involved in food, drugs, and toxins, metabolism and its function is to filter any substance introduced into our organism.    

If toxins are too many, the liver cannot function properly and, as a result, a few issues and various pathologies may show up. When this valuable organ is inflamed, it hardly carries out its functions, and even non-physical symptoms may show up. Toxins that the liver failed to filter may reach any organ and system, that may be inflamed: it is a vicious circle!

Sometimes the liver may be loaded with toxins, though it doesn’t show any specific symptoms. If symptoms show up, instead, you may have pain in the upper abdomen and it may reach low back as well. When it is over-intoxicated, the liver may be enlarged because of fat and waste.

 When and why detox the liver

To detox the liver is really essential. Among the symptoms of a liver not functioning properly (as it needs detoxing), we mention nausea and bitter-sour mouth, especially early in the morning. It is important to point out the liver carries out its depurative function, especially in the night: it explains why nausea shows up in the morning. The enlarged liver may lead to general discomfort and fatigue, which may persist also after meals. Post-meal drowsiness shows the liver is not functioning properly. Other specific symptoms that show we should detox our liver are headache, bad breath, difficult digestion, bodyweight issues, abdominal bloating, and costiveness.

Detoxing the liver: the most effective natural remedies

The remedies to purify the liver act on several levels and are helpful in detoxicating, thus improving the functioning of this organ.

Let’s see what the most effective are and how to use them.

#1 Water and lemon juice, early in the morning

Water-and-lemon-juice to-detox-the-liver

It is the easiest of remedies. Drinking a glass of warm water and half a lemon squeezed in the morning on an empty stomach is a natural way to detox the liver. This remedy also helps regulate the internal pH and keep the bowel and the liver clean.

#2 Curcumin, the golden spice


Curcumin is a spice boosting liver function and is a valuable remedy for high cholesterol levels. The beverage we propose here is detox and is recommended to lower cholesterol levels too. You prepare it by adding two powder curmumin little spoons and one spoon of ginger, a pinch of black pepper to 100 ml of coco milk, and to half a glass of hot water. Sweeten with honey and drink it for at least two weeks. It is not recommended in cases of hemorrhoids, pregnancy, ulcers, and hemophilia.

#3 Artichoke is the most known remedy to detox the liver.


It has valuable diuretic properties that promote cholesterol stones removal. It is used to stimulate bile secretion. It is also necessary in cases of hepatic steatosis. The functional substance is cynarine. Usually, you are recommended capsules or mother tincture diluted in a glass of water or fruit juice rather than drink the infusion tasting rather bitter.

#4 Milk thistle for the liver drainage


Milk thistle is a Mediterranean plant rich in active substances (silymarin and silibinin) due to which it has beneficial properties, such as boosting the liver and reducing inflammation. Milk thistle is helpful in cases of hepatitis and after long drug therapy. It is also recommended to people who drink a bit too much alcohol and who smoke too hard. Usually, milk thistle is helpful in regenerating and protecting liver tissue. It is recommended to take the tincture, dried extracts, or herbal tea twice a day. If you think you have bile stones, milk thistle is not the right plant for you. Milk thistle actually boosts bile secretion and then it might affect hidden gallstones. You may have milk thistle in the form of an herbal tea or dried extract capsules.

#5 Dandelion Dandelion is a medical plant also known as “lion’s tooth”.


Dandelion notable properties are to flush excess cholesterol out of the liver and to promote diuresis. it is a valuable coadjutant to accompany diet plans or in cases of water retention. It is contraindicated in patients suffering from gastric reflux and digestive system disorders. You may have dandelion in the form of herbal tea or tablets. It is suggested to take dandelion gradually, in order not to push detoxication too hard, since this medical plant is so much effective.

#6 Rosemary


Gemmotherapy is the best form of rosemary to detox the liver; it is an extract from the buds of the plant. Take it with a little water before meals.

#7 Wheat grass – a valuable option to detox the liver.

It contains vitamins, minerals and chlorophyll that boost the organism and promote liver functions. It is very effective early in the morning, since it has a mineralizing effect. You can add a spoon of wheat grass powder to fruit smoothies or vegetable extracts.

#8 Aloe, the bitter juice liver friendly.


With its bitter taste, typical of detox plants, it carries out several functions: it soothes the stomach lining, and promotes flushing toxins out of the bowel and the liver. It is recommended to have a glass of aloe before meals, for at least two months.

#9 Apple juice.


The apple is rich in countless beneficial substances for the liver, especially pectin and malic acid.

Apple juice is used synergistically to detox the liver, though it is effective by itself as well. It is important to drink at least two glasses of pure apple juice for at least one month.

#10 Tumeric, a small seed with valuable properties (digestive, depurative).


You may use it in cuisine to add taste to the dishes, or as an herbal tea, even with fennel, mint and milk thistle to get valuable synergy.

#11 Chicory for liver wellbeing


Chicory is rich in vitamins and minerals. It promotes digestion and has a considerable draining action. Inulin protects the bowel from colon cancer. Chicory affects cholesterol and glycemia positively. It helps the stomach in cases of gastritis or difficulty digesting. It is counter-indicated in cases of pregnancy or gallstones.

#12 Ginger, a considerable liver detox


It regulates cholesterol levels and cleanses the liver from waste. Ginger herbal tea is detox and dissolves liver stones. It is easy to prepare: you need 2 one-centimeter ginger cubes; boil the cubes in 250 ml of boiling water for 40 minutes. Leave in infusion for a few minutes, filter, and drink.

#13 Cruciferous plants, liver friendly

Cruciferous plants are the name bringing together a few vegetables boasting detoxicating properties. Cabbages, Brussels sprouts, and arugula belong to this group. Cruciferous plants are to be cooked before eating and are counter-indicated in cases of hypothyroidism.


#14 Chili pepper, a helping hand to detox the liver

Chili pepper detoxes the liver, reduces cholesterol levels and prevents a few liver pathologies like fibrosis. Carrot, ginger and chili pepper cream we propose to you here is highly cleansing and easy to prepare: you need a bunch of carrots, one liter of vegetable broth, one onion, a pinch of chili pepper and ginger. Add extra-virgin olive oil and salt. Preparation: cut the carrots in chunks and gently fry in a pan with onion, chili pepper and ginger. Blend the compound and add the broth. Serve with extra-virgin olive oil and coriander.

#15 Carrot, a valuable liver detox


Carrot is a valuable liver detox. We may eat it in combination with other vegetables promoting detox and draining properties like fennel. We may also enjoy its purifying action by drinking its fresh juice.


Keeping this organ healthy is essential for several reasons: for carbs, proteins, and fat metabolism balance, for the synthesis of the hormones, and for the immune system too. 

You have to detox the liver regularly: we may survive without a gallbladder, though not without a liver. First you have to avoid all those foods that strain liver function: refined sugars, saturated and hydrogenated fats, alcohol drinks, fried foods, and foods containing additives, preservatives, and coloring.

You’d better stop smoking and pay attention to synthetic hormones, antibiotics, and lots of medications because they end up putting stress on the liver. To detox the liver and keep it healthy, eat organic fruits and vegetables, whole cereals, legumes, seeds, dried fruits. A few foods are directly beneficial to this organ, promoting its functions. Among these foods, one of the most known is artichoke.


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