Not only weight loss – top 4 health benefits of green coffee


Over the last years green coffee has become more and more popular. It is highly appreciated for its delicate flavor and is highly recommended as a weight loss support, but green coffee has also other health benefits worth to be known.

What is green coffee?

It is always about the same coffee varieties we all know – arabica or robusta, yet the difference here lies in the fact that coffee beans don’t get roasted. They get dried out, a procedure aimed to preserve such healthy features and substances as vitamins, minerals, polyphenols and chlorogenic acid, which is the most important of its active ingredients.

It is also important to know that green coffee contains less caffeine than roasted coffee.

Natural green coffee beans are really beneficial. Once it is ground or extracted, green coffee is friendly to a healthy life-style! Let’s see why.

Top 4 health benefits of green coffee:

1 – Helps Improving Blood Circulation.


A research published on “BioMed Research International” has shown the consumption of green coffee helps lower blood pressure.

Moreover, a study was carried out on healthy individuals who consumed green and black coffee for two weeks. Each time after they consumed black and green coffee, blood pressure and arteries elasticity were checked. The results of the study have shown positive responses, as well as the reduction of cortisol levels in the blood. It suggests green coffee may play a beneficial role in reducing cardiovascular risk factors.

2 – Memory Booster.


A few studies have shown green coffee boosts both short-term and long-term memory, providing that it is consumed consistently.

3 – Enhances Immune System.


Coffee beans are rich in antioxidants. Green coffee beans are even a lot richer in antioxidants, which reduce the damaging effects of free radicals in our body and take care of our overall health.

4 – Weight Loss Benefits.


A few green coffee features may have a key role in low-calorie diets. A cup of green coffee contains up to 10% chlorogenic acid, which helps reduce sugar assimilation and boosts metabolism. Green coffee also contains metilxantine, a molecule active in burning out fats.

How to use green coffee?

There are several types of products you can choose from: green coffee beans, green coffee tea bags or green coffee extract supplements. Nowadays you can find these products in supermarkets, bio shops and herbalist’s shops.

If you want to prepare a green coffee drink, let it infuse in water (80°C degrees at least) then filter. Sip it like you sip a herbal tea, and feel how you get caught by its flavor, which is totally different from the flavor and taste of the traditional coffee.

Taking a green coffee extract supplement may be useful if you want to take advantage at most of its health benefits. In one of the future posts I will make a review of the best green coffee extract supplements on the market.

Until then, thank you for reading this and don’t forget to comment below and share this post so other people can benefit from it as well!

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