Anyone who has ever been on a diet, knows it for sure: if you want to lose weight, you have to eat well! But how to lose weight by eating?

Lots of foods make it easier to gain weight, yet there are also foods that help to lose weight. To lose weight by eating is possible, but as it goes with anything in life, even in this case we shall follow the rule of moderation and never exceed the daily calorie requirements.

Dieting, especially if it’s extreme, can be dangerous for our overall health. It may sound strange but the best way to lose weight is by eating, by choosing foods that are rich in nutrients and give a boost to our metabolism, helping our body getting rid of toxins, excess fluids and excess fat.

8 foods that help to lose weight

#1 – Tuna


Tuna contains very few fats, but it is rich in proteins and amino acids, providing us with lots of energy. Thanks to its low carbohydrates contents, tuna facilitates fast weight loss (the more carbohydrates we eat, the more fat we store). Having detox days, by adding fish to our menu, could help us speed up our metabolism and, as a consequence, lose weight.

#2 – Grapefruit


Grapefruit contains a specific substance, called naringin, which gives its characteristic bitter taste, and helps speed up metabolism.

You have to pay attention though: if you are on some medications (birth control pill included), you should avoid eating grapefruit, or at least you should eat it long after the time you take those medications, because it could enhance or eliminate their effect.

#3 – Champignon mushrooms


Mushrooms contain the same amount of amino acids as meat, yet champignon mushrooms have less calories than meat!

Remember that you should always choose fresh mushrooms, and remember caps contain more nutrients than stems.

#4 – Beetroot


Beetroots contain a large amount of betaine – a substance that has antioxidant properties and helps reduce fat mass. Moreover, it keeps the liver healthy. Betaine activates the metabolic processes in our body and speeds up metabolism. Not only do beetroots help us lose weight, but also stop the formation of fat cells, thus preventing us from gaining weight in the future.

#5 – Avocado


Avocado is poor in carbohydrates and, even though it has a lot of calories, avocado is extremely rich in nutrients that are easily assimilated. It makes you feel extremely full and affects your appetite, so you can reduce the intake of calories during the day in order to successfully lose weight.

#6 – Pumpkin


Pumpkin is rich in vitamin T, which helps speed up metabolism and digestion. Pumpkin seeds are extremely rich in magnesium and proteins; thus, they may help if you suffer from insomnia.

#7 – Dried plums


Five plums are enough to compensate for 13% of daily fibers needs. Dried plums improve digestion and bowel movement, key factors when it comes to weight loss.

#8 – Ginger


The best quality of ginger is its ability to increase heat production in our body, which results in sped up metabolism. Ginger contains gingerol – a substance helping digestion. Ginger, moreover, is highly diuretic and helps to eliminate toxins and excess fluid.

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3 thoughts on “How to Lose Weight by Eating? 8 Foods that Help to Lose Weight.”
    1. I eat lots of tuna with salads too! I prefer olive oil tuna, because it contains less salt, and that’s why I find it healthier. Keep following my blog and thanks you for your feedback, Fabiola.

  1. Marina,
    I love the idea of ginger & avocado. Ginger is so soothing to my stomach and really helps it calm down with my Celiac Sprue issues. And avocado is so filling! I’ve always been surprised that when I add it to a salad that suddenly I have trouble finishing it. Great post and some really good suggestions! ~ Johanna

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