How many times have you thought that negative things happen just to you? If you don’t want to be a magnet for trouble and keep negative things away from your life, it is essential to know how to stop attracting problems and how to distance yourself from negativity.  


Does it always rain when you forget the umbrella at home? Did you miss the bus, because you were just one minute late?  It seems like all these things happen just to you, whereas everyone else is born under a lucky star and is always in the right place at the right time. But is it really a matter of luck? Maybe the world is not so unfair as we may think. Maybe it is us who decide how to live our life and which things to attract.

The human being, thanks to his/her thoughts, beliefs and attitude may be a magnet for fortune, or keep attracting negative things, events and people that alienate us from our natural life path.

How to stop attracting problems and to distance yourself from negativity


#1 – You feel like you are on the wrong path


Sometimes the rhythms of modern everyday life are so fast, that we seem to be drawn down by a whirlpool and have no more control over our decisions. Stop a minute and ask yourself if your professional, relational and personal choices have been affected by someone else or someone else’s desires.

If you feel your life is out of control, if things slip through your hands, you are likely not to be in the right place. The question “What do I really want?” may sound easy to answer, though in order to find the right answer you have to gain much experience. In doing so, you’ll be able to understand your inner desires and do your best to fulfill them.

If you don’t feel lucky enough, maybe it is because you are trying to live someone else’s life, to fulfill someone else’s desires.

If we really want to change things, we just have to understand what we want and work hard to make it happen.


#2 – You postpone things too often

It is true that we also have to find time to rest and relax but putting things off too often is a counterproductive strategy.

It is something natural for the human psyche to choose the easiest way, preventing obstacles rather than facing them. But the truth is: “To some, an obstacle is an excuse to quit. To others it is an opportunity to grow stronger”. We always have enough time for anything if we really want. The key to fortune is to take action.


#3 – You are either neglectful of your own health or you are becoming a hypochondriac

Health is our most valuable wealth, but some people seem to forget about it. Our good physical health affects our life quality and success. Eating healthily, taking physical exercise and giving up bad habits make us feel better both physically and emotionally.

Yet, becoming obsessed with our symptoms, looking for diseases we don’t really suffer from, being too hard on ourselves for that piece of cake while on a diet may backfire. It has been shown that negative emotions (anger, frustration, melancholy) may cause the onset of diseases. Once in a while enjoy some chocolate ice-cream and forget about the calories – it’s a good way to relieve stress and keep negativity away from you.

#4 – Your home doesn’t feel cozy anymore


“My home is my fortress” – we feel safe within our homes and it is the place where we rest and find strength again. If within your house you keep hitting doors, cutting yourself while cooking or forgetting to switch off the oven, then your house is not your fortress. Ask yourself if you feel comfortable inside your house, if it makes you feel safe and relaxed. Is it filled with objects you didn’t choose and which don’t match your tastes?  If you don’t want to attract any more problems, maybe it’s time for you to get rid of that old family couch, buy a new one and create some new family traditions and habits.


#5 – You fall prey to autosuggestion and think you are unfortunate

“Things will never turn out well for me” or “I am always so unlucky!”

Lots of people give up on doing something even before they start, making up ridiculous excuses. Yet we shouldn’t forget that great poets like Homer and Dante were blind, Daniel Defoe wrote “Robinson Crusoe” while being in jail, and Beethoven was completely deaf.

Two different people live within us: one thinks it is impossible to make it through, and the other one is confident and driven for success.

It is up to us to choose which one we want to be.

In addition, we should never underestimate the power of the mind and thoughts. Unlucky events can change our perception of reality and affect our subconscious mind. Don’t lose control over your thoughts, start any day with a smile and with self-confidence.


#6 – Your inner child makes most of your choices

According to psychologists, a child, a parent and an adult live within ourselves. If in most cases we make decisions impulsively, we get easily offended and we are always at the mercy of emotions, maybe it is our inner child who plays the main role within ourselves.

We often blame our parents for not supporting us when we most needed, but we are adults now. We are fully accountable for our decisions and for our choices in life.


#7 – You are surrounded by toxic people


You have become a magnet for trouble, then maybe it’s time for you to make new friends. Social life is very important for both our success and wellbeing. Being surrounded by negative people, who hurt our self-esteem and curb our ambitions, will eventually distance us from fortune and from success.

Pay attention to your sensations: if some people make you feel sad and frustrated, part company.

#8 – You overestimate what you don’t have and underestimate what you already do

If you want to be lucky, it is essential to be grateful for the things you already have. In the run-up to new goals, people often overlook what they already have. You got married – you need a new house. There is a new house, it is time to think of having children. A baby was born – it is time to get a promotion and so on. It is important to have new goals, though it is essential to take a break and be grateful for what we have been able to get so far. Gratitude makes what we already have even more valuable, promotes emotional wellbeing and optimism and it also distances us from negative thoughts.


#9 – You compare yourself to other people too often

Comparing yourself to others may poison your life. It is a worrying and increasing trend, especially among young people, who spend a lot of time on social media, comparing themselves to their friends, classmates or the so-called “influencers”. This current trend may lead to think you are not handsome/beautiful enough or not skilled enough. It will hurt your self-esteem and cause depression and neurosis.

If we really want to compare ourselves to someone, let’s compare ourselves to a previous version of ourselves, fixing new goals and achieving them with our head held high.


#10 – You are stubborn beyond any limits of common sense

Persistence may be a positive trait, helping us reach success, if it is within the limits of common sense. Yet if we are so stubborn as to keep making the same mistake all over again, we won’t be able to show our skills, and we’ll end up having to accept the consequences of our wrong choices. Look at the pros and cons before asserting yourself, because deep down your fortune will depend on that too.

Have you ever had difficult times in life? What did you do to stop attracting problems and to distance yourself from negativity? Please leave a comment.

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