Memory supplements are food supplements used to boost cognitive function, especially memory.

Cognitive decline, which may show with memory loss and attention decline, is above all related to advancing age. Yet, if you are experiencing very stressful situations, even young people may have concentration and memory decline.

In these cases, memory and brain booster remedies and supplements might prove helpful.

Memory booster supplements- as any other kind of food supplements – are not medications, then they can’t cure any pathologies. Thus, if concentration, memory and other cognitive function loss has pathological causes, you should seek medical advice, in order for the proper therapeutic strategy to be come up with for the patient.

What do memory and brain booster supplements contain?


Memory booster supplements are formulated with ingredients which, through different action mechanisms, may promote and boost concentration and memory. Usually, these ingredients are vitamins, minerals, omega-3 fatty acids, amino acids and vegetal extracts that are said to enhance brain functions.

Here follow the primary ingredients used in this field.

Vitamins and Minerals:

Vitamins and Minerals in memory booster supplements.

Vitamins and minerals carry out countless functions in the organism. It is not by chance, vitamin, and mineral deficiency may lead to disorders and major pathologies.

It is not a surprise, then, vitamins and minerals are helpful even when it comes to cognitive functions such as memory and concentration.

More specifically, in memory  booster supplements minerals and vitamins are used that promote the nervous system health or that boost cognitive functions. Let’s go a little deeper, then:

  • Group B vitamin (such as niacine or vitamin B3, piridossine or vitamin B6, tiamine or vitamin B1, cianocobolamine or vitamin B12, etc): they are involved in countless metabolic processes, which are essential for the organism. Vitamin B 12, in particular, promotes the nervous system functioning.
  • Vitamin C and E: they are vitamins exerting remarkable antioxidant activity, essential in order to protect the cells in our organism from oxidative stress exerted by free radicals; what’s more, both vitamin C and vitamin E play a key role for the wellness of the overall body.
  • Magnesium: besides being a component of the bone tissue, magnesium is involved also in the mechanism of nerve cell excitability and in the synaptic transmission. Thus, it is a valuable mineral for the nervous system.
  • Zinc: it is a nutrient which plays a key role in countless activities, among which antioxidant mechanisms and the nervous system functioning.
  • Iron: iron deficiency causes fatigue which may lead to concentration and memory decline. In such cases, iron supplementation may be very helpful.

On the one hand, vitamin and mineral deficiency may be harmful to the organism, on the other hand their excess may cause issues. Thus, the supplements packed with these nutrients should be used only if necessary.

Fatty Acids


Omega-3 fatty acids packed in memory booster supplements.

The fatty acids mostly used in memory booster supplements are omega-3 fatty acids. Among these, we mention the docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). They are semi-essential fatty acids that carry out several activities in the organism and that have shown to have valuable neuroprotective activities, which may prove potentially helpful to promote brain functions.

Possible interactions with medications  

As both EPA and DHA have anti-thrombotic action, their supplementation may interfere with ongoing antiplatelet therapies. Thus, if you suffer from clotting disorders, seek medical advice, before taking memory booster supplements containing omega-3 fatty acids.

Side effects

Typical side effects related to the intake of these fatty acids are: stomach pain, diarrhea and belching.


Taking memory booster supplements containing omega-3 fatty acids is counterindicated in cases of allergies to these products or to the source from which fatty acids are extracted, namely fish.

Amino acids

Amino acid derivatives used in memory booster supplements.

In memory booster supplements, you may find amino acids or their derivatives. In most cases, these amino acids get added to the formulation to tackle fatigue, which may lead to concentration and memory decline. Yet, a few derivatives seem to be helpful also in boosting brain functions.

One of these derivatives is Acetyl-L-carnitine, ALCAR or ALC. It is an amino acid compound boasting distinct antioxidant properties, which proves very helpful, as it protects nerve cells from the harmful action of free radicals, and as it boosts cognitive functions.

Taking ALCAR may cause gastrointestinal issues (such as nausea, vomit, diarrhea and stomach cramps), and is counter-indicated in cases of allergy to the substance itself, pregnancy and nursing.

Plant-related extracts

Plant-related extracts packed in memory booster supplements.                                     

In memory booster supplements formulation you may also find lots of plant-related extracts. Here follow the most used ones.

Ginkgo biloba

Ginkgo is regarded as the ultimate natural remedy in cases of memory and concentration decline, and this is the reason it is present in the composition of so many memory booster supplements.

The cognitive functions boost and, especially memory boost, is carried out by ginkolids and flavonoids which are packed in the plant. This mechanism is scientically backed by research.

To tell the truth, many of the studies carried out on ginko extracts showed this plant may improve memory and cognitive function overall, only in patients who are older than 50; whereas, the boost on the cognitive function carried out by the active substances packed in the plant doesn’t seem to affect patients whose age ranges from 20 to 40.

Possible interactions with medications  

Ginkgo extracts may interfere with countless medications, such as: blood thinners and antipletelets, IMAO, diuretics, cardioactive glicocids, antidepressants, etc.  Thus, if you are on specific medications, it is advisable to seek medical advice, before taking ginkgo food supplements.

Side effects

Ginkgo biloba extracts, like memory booster supplements packed with them, may cause a few side effects, above all gastrointestinal ones. Luckily, in most cases, such side effects are mild.


Using ginko extracts and memory booster supplements packed with them is counterindicated in cases of allergy to the plant itself, clotting disorders, pregnancy and nursing.



Eleutherococcus – also known as Siberian ginseng- is packed in memory booster supplements not so much because it boosts cognitive function, as because it may prove helpful to tackle physical and mental fatigue that lead to concentration and memory decline. The ability to tackle fatigue is due to eleutherodis that are packed in the plant.

Possible interactions with medications:

Eleutherococcus extracts may interfere with insuline and aminoglycoside antitics.

Side effects

Taking memory booster supplements packed with eleutherococcus may cause side effects such as headache, insomnia and irritability.


The use of eleutherococcus and the supplements packed with it is counterindicated in cases of allergy to the plant itself, insomnia and/or hypertension.



As with what mentioned above about eleutherococcus, ginseng, too, may be found in many memory booster supplements, due to its ability to tackle fatigue, both physical and mental. This ability is due to the ginsenoids packed in the plant, and may be helpful to improve cognitive function, when experiencing stressful situations.

Possible interactions with medications  

Ginseng and the products packed with it may interfere with blood thinners and antiplatelet medications, oral blood glucose lowering drugs and insuline, efedrine and coffeine, IMAO, sympathomimetic agents, corticosteroids and cardiac glycosides.

Side effects

In connection with the intake of ginseng, side effects such as headache, vomit, agitation and insomnia have been reported.


Using ginseng- and then the use of the memory booster supplements packed with it- is counter-indicated in cases of major psychiatric disorders, cardiovascular pathologies, pregnancy and nursing.

Best Memory and Brain Booster Supplements:


brain complex

Ingredients: DHA, Vitamin C, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Niacin, Caffeine Anhydrous, Panax Ginseng, Ginkgo Biloba Extract, L-Theanine, L-Tyrosine, L-Taurine, L-Phenylalanine, 5-HTP, Co-Q10, Turmeric Powder, Ashwagandha, Lecithin.

Benefits: its unique formula contains a holistic blend of 17 natural active ingredients that not only improve your mental power, but also support a reduction of tiredness and fatigue.


nootropics powder

Ingredients: L-Theanine, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Ginkgo Biloba Extract, Riboflavin.

Benefits: this premium natural supplement is designed to support your cognitive function including memory, focus and motivation, all whilst being suitable for those on a ketogenic diet.



Ingredients: Vitamin B6, Vitamin B 12, L-Theanine, L- Thyrosine

Benefits: improves your concentration ability and brain wellness. Makes you more attentive and improves your work performance.



Ingredients: Alpha GPC (Choline) , Alpha Lipoic Acid , BioPerine , Guarana Powder, Huperzine A , Mucuna Pruriens Extract .  Phosphatidylserine , Shilajit® Powder , Uridine , Vit B6 (Pyridoxine) , Vit B12 (Methylcobalamin)

Benefits: it promotes focus, awakeness, motivation and drive.

BrainMD Supplements

BrainMD is specialized in manufacturing products (DVDs, books and ebooks, courses) and brain and memory supplements, aimed at improving our brain functions and providing premium nutrition for our brain and body. Below are just a few examples of what this company offers.


I hope you liked my article on best memory and brain booster remedies and supplements. I have been using Omega-3 and Acetyl-L-Carnitine supplements for some time now, and I have to admit their benefits are something I couldn’t do fine without.

I feel more concentrated and my memory hardly fails. Since we are talking about supplements here, it is essential to point out that, as they’re not medications, they prove ineffective if the cognitive decline is due to neurological pathologies.

What’s more, as with any other supplements, it is important to remind these supplements may cause side effects too, thus seeking medical advice before adding them to our daily diet, is always recommended. If you have questions to ask me, drop me a comment below, and I will be more than happy to answer and try to help you out.

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